Wild Planet

  • Wild Planet Revisited

    One of the most extraordinary and in-depth pieces of music journalism, the “Wild Planet” series of articles was written by Dave Henderson and published in the UK weekly music newspaper “Sounds” in May 1983 and periodically for the next 2 years. Charting in great detail the rise of an independent sector (it was much wider […]

  • Wild Planet Revisited – Bain Total

    Philippe Fichot of the French industrial/electronic band Die Form runs the label Bain Total, which is still active after 38 years, with some 67 releases over the years. The first Bain Total release was the joint Die Form/Eva Johanna Reichstag single “Zoophilic Lolita” in 1977.     The latest Bain Total release is the Die Form/Musique Concrète […]

  • Wild Planet Revisited – Attrition

      Attrition are one of the groups featured in ‘Wild Planet’ that need little introduction. Active from 1980 to this very day, Martin Bowes, as the ever-present member & founder of Attrition, has built up a substantial canon of work, and now actively produces and masters others’ work at his studio, The Cage. Attrition’s back […]