Wild Planet Revisited – Anima

Wild Planet P1-07

Anima, which began life as Anima-Sound, were a wife-husband duo of Limpe Fuchs (1936-) and Paul Fuchs (1941-) with support from Freidrich Gulda and Johan Anton Rettenbacher. Part of the burgeoning West German experimental scene which appeared in the late 1960s, their work lay in the area of improvisation and free jazz. They particularly focused on the creation of their own instruments,  from wood, metal and stone, such as the Fuchshorn, Fuchszither and Fuchsbass.

Their use of found sound percussion can seen to be a precursor to some of the sounds Einstuerzende Neubauten were creating a decade later.

Anima disbanded in 1989, but Limpe Fuchs has continued to work as a solo artist as well as with famous musicians such as Theo Jorgensmann and Albert Mangeldorff. Here she is in solo performance in 2010.


In 2015 the Berlin label Play Loud! Productions published the entire catalogue of Anima-Sound, Anima and Limpe Fuchs’ solo work in the form of the “Limpe Fuchs archive”.




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