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Encyclopaedia Electronica Music Archive!

The Archive mainly seeks to:

  • Offer opportunities for collaborative projects using the archive’s materials
  • Encourage commissions for tailored research undertaken by the archive
  • Promote access to the archive via feature presentations, galleries and blog posts

The majority of the archive consists of music press and magazine cuttings, but also includes memorabilia: posters, flyers, artwork, gig tickets, stickers, badges etc.

Due to copyright issues, and the sheer enormity of the task, only a fraction of the archive will ever be published here online, but there is a search facility which will give you an idea if the archive contains material that may be of interest to you.

Access to this material can be arranged by mutual agreement, using the contact form.

The Archive is independently run and receives no funding.

User comments

“Simon Dell is a font of musical knowledge and a wonderfully meticulous archivist, we are deeply grateful for his support on the ‘Total State Machine’ book uncovering many hidden gems from the 1980s music press, as well as posters and flyers we never expected to see again.”  Paul Jamrozy, Test Dept.

“I would recommend Simon Dell as an archivist particularly for his vast knowledge and collection of 1980s independent music. Simon’s archives includes many images, press clippings, cassettes and VHS clips which aren’t available elsewhere. He was able to help us when we were looking for specific items for our film Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay.”  Amélie Ravalec, director

“ and my own personal research into the history of Ultravox! owe a debt of gratitude to Simon Dell and his incredible collection. The diligent records and enthusiastic response from the Encyclopaedia Electronica have contributed significantly to the archive, biography and narrative history of John Foxx.”  Martin Smith, co-administrator,


“Encyclopaedia Electronica is a remarkable popular historical archive. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone exploring the history of synth, industrial, post-punk and alternative music.”  Dr. Alexei Monroe, author of Interrogation Machine, Laibach & NSK, co-editor, Total State Machine.