The Encyclopaedia Electronica Music Archive has been actively developing since 1980, starting with an Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark scrapbook, and now comprises data files on over 500 artists and groups, mainly of an electronic, industrial or post-punk nature.


The Archive has contributed to the following publications:



  • SPK:  Selekted Press Clippings by Trevor Blake (uncredited) (1994)

SPK book


  • Yorkshire Ham – The Richard H. Kirk fanzine (3 issues 2001 – 2003 – see galleries) (Archivist credit to Simon Dell)

YH#1-01web    Yorkshire Ham #2-01    



Test Dept

Folk Horror Revival: Urban Wyrd 2: Spirits Of Place (Wyrd Harvest Press 2019) (Chapter on Post-Industrialism and Industrial Music by Simon Dell  

Spirit Of Punk & More… Inverclyde Music Scene in the 1970’s & 80’s (RIG Arts 2019) (Research by Simon Dell)


The Archive has contributed to the following music releases:


time splice



2nd layer

Shoc Corridor

Deux Filles Silence & Wisdom



The archive has contributed to the following films/documentaries:

johnny moped




The archive contributed to the following exhibitions:

  • Unknown Pleasures – The Life / Work of Ian Curtis and Joy Division – Macclesfield May-August 2010

 JD Exhibition 2010


  • From The Port To The Bridge – The Story Of Thomas Leer and Robert Rental – Greenock Beacon Arts Centre October 2018


  • The Spirit Of Punk & More…Inverclyde Music Scene in the 1970’s and 80’s – Greenock Beacon Arts Centre July 2019


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Many, many thanks to Justin Tuijl and Rowan Evenstar for technical assistance (to put it mildly!)

Cheers to Jean-Marc Lawton for permission to publish the Yorkshire Ham fanzines

Thanks to many friends for encouragement to make this a reality!