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Attrition are one of the groups featured in ‘Wild Planet’ that need little introduction. Active from 1980 to this very day, Martin Bowes, as the ever-present member & founder of Attrition, has built up a substantial canon of work, and now actively produces and masters others’ work at his studio, The Cage.

Attrition’s back catalogue can be accessed extensively at their Bandcamp page: https://attritionuk.bandcamp.com/

Rather than trying to encapsulate a 36 year history here, here are some items from the archive.

This is the earliest entry in the archive from 1981.

Attrition 1981


Attrition gatecrash the “Sounds Obscurist” chart – straight in at Number Three! (Early 1982)

Attrition Sounds 30.01.82


Attrition pre-empt the 1980s cassette-driven computer game age by releasing a cassette that soundtracks a board game! (Early 1983)

Attrition Sounds 29.01.83



A small feature from Sounds, January 1986

Attrition Sounds 18.01.86


Attrition were actively supporting animal rights and PETA, this track appears on a benefit album


Another press feature, this time from 1992:

Attrition Spiral Scratch 20.02.92

Attrition have always gigged sporadically, here’s a flyer for the Pushing Against The Wire Festival in Northampton, 1992

Attrition Pushing Against The Wire Festival December 1992


Yet another feature, this time in Rock Sound Magazine, in 2000:

Attrition Rock Sound 06.00

Attrition continue to release material on a regular basis, most recent major release was their take on the horrors of World War One: Millions of Mouthless Dead (2015)



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