Wild Planet Revisited – Art of Noises, The

Wild Planet P1-10

Ok, a whole art movement to cover in a blog…I don’t think so. I’m sure there are endless texts on the internet about the Futurists and the Art of Noises, and I couldn’t do it justice. So, let’s see what the archive has that might be of interest…

Dada NME 05.01.80

The earliest piece is this from the NME 5th January 1980, clipped from Andy Gill’s “The Concise NME Guide to Electronic Music & Synthesised Sound” which ran across two weeks.

In 1985, a compilation LP called “Dada For Now” on Liverpool’s Ark Records generated a bit of interest in the music press, the most in-depth being this piece in the NME, 27th July 1985…

Dada NME 27.07.85-1 Dada NME 27.07.85-2


To finish, here’s a piece by Luigi Russoli, from 1924:



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