Wild Planet Revisited – Amok

Wild Planet P1-06

Amok was one of the pseudonyms used by Enrico Piva, a prolific soundscape artist from Rezzato, Brescia Italy, and under this moniker was active between 1981 and 1985 during which time 6 cassette albums were released. This piece is from the last of these.

Enrico also recorded under the pseudonyms of Edo, Fehlera, L’Oeil a Paris, Locus Solus, M. Antipyrine, Ready-Made, Unit 06 and Sokol Movement, releasing no less than 7 cassette albums by these ‘groups’ in 1981 alone.

Continuing to record and release under his own name, Enrico released a further 6 cassette albums between 1987 and 1990. This is from 1987.

Enrico appears to have gone silent after 1990. Discogs records that Enrico died in 2002, aged just 46.

Enrico Piva


More can be found out about Enrico Piva here:





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